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Junk King
is a locally owned and operated company. Junk King started as a summer project by two University students back in June 2004. They noticed a need for a fast, reliable, and professional rubbish removal service within the Greater Toronto Area. By early 2005, Junk King was officially launched and has been operating successfully ever since.

Our Mission

To become Southern Ontario's leading junk removal service while incorporating value, reliability and professionalism for our commercial and residential customers.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the waste removal industry by utilizing new technologies and recycling solutions while focusing on our internal and external environments.

Random Junk We Have Removed

Over the years Junk King has removed some very odd and random junk. This is a list of some of the items we have removed.

Bullet PointTwenty-five boxes of 1940-1960 Life Magazines
Bullet PointOld rotted camping trailer cut into pieces
Bullet PointOne full truck of expired potato chips
Bullet PointFive broken slushy machines
Bullet PointWorld War 2 Memorabilia
Bullet PointFour truck loads worth of paper and cardboard from a 1 bedroom apartment
Bullet PointTwelve sofas from one basement
Bullet PointCrisp new $1 bills from the 1960’s hidden in an old coat pocket
Bullet PointTwo truck loads full of mannequin heads

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